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VeriJet: The Private Jet Revolution

With coronavirus fears fueling the demand for private jet aviation, carriers in the $10 billion+ industry are at 150%+ occupancy as family offices and others seek solutions for safe travel and...

Vision on the Horizon

Steve Clements, now Chief Operating Officer, is featured in Vero's Voice magazine. Read the article on page 7.

VeriJet: Big Plans For Short Flights

Richard Kane, chairman and CEO of Verijet, launched the Boca Raton, Florida-based charter company in November with a focus on shorter, point-to-point trips using the single-engine Cirrus SF50...

Verijet has a big vision with small jets

Big plans with small private jets are nothing new. Lookup up DayJet, or for that matter, JetSuite. Both believed very light jets were the skyway to the future. Two decades in the technology side...

Verijet Private Air Travel

It is with great pride that I welcome you to review the links about Verijet below. They capture the essence of leading-edge artificial intelligence in aviation. Verijet’s technology is...

Richard Kane - Verijet

Richard Kane is the CEO of Verijet. Transforming Short-Haul private travel with efficient point-to-point jet charter service.