Argus Gold Rated

Verijet's Safety Commitment

Verijet is one of the safest private aircraft charter operators available. Verijet is unlocking the fourth wave of safety and high-speed travel.

Rest Assured

Verijet is committed to providing the highest degree of safety by implementing a proactive Safety Management System on par with major air carriers. Our leadership ensures that all risks are mitigated to the lowest possible levels to ensure your safety.

Industry Recognized

Verijet partners with industry leaders to ensure our company and pilots meet the highest qualification standards.  Verijet pilots are qualified under stringent Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) licensing requirements. All our pilots meet Argus Gold standards and are type rated in the Cirrus SF50.

Aerospace DNA

Verijet is a technology-based company deeply committed to managing risk. All Verijet missions are monitored 24/7/365 by our Service Operations Center (SOC) team. All our aircraft transmit telemetry data to the SOC. We use the same oversight techniques developed over decades in the aerospace industry to ensure that each mission is operated safely and efficiently.

Safe Return

Safe Return™ emergency autoland provides a new way to protect our passengers.

Worry-free Simplicity

Passengers have the ability to land the Vision Jet in an emergency situation with the simple touch of a button.


Garmin’s award-winning autoland feature takes over the aircraft and automatically communicates with ATC, calculates a path to the most suitable airport, and lands the aircraft safely.

Global Terrain Database

Terrain awareness warning system (TAWS) helps prevent accidents and enables the aircraft to automatically land itself.

Safety Features

The Cirrus Vision Jet™ has numerous built-in features to ensure your safety.

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System®

No feature embodies our approach to safety more than CAPS®. As just one part of the integrated safety engineering features included as standard equipment on every Cirrus aircraft, it’s there when you need it most.

Electronic Stability & Protection

The Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) system aids in correcting unusual flight attitudes and preventing stalls. It assists without distracting the pilot or degrading the flight experience, even when autopilot is disengaged.

Spectra™ Wingtip Lighting

Twice the brightness, Spectra Wingtip Lighting incorporates automotive-style wingtip halo lighting within 300 feet of the surface and pulsing “wig wag” functionality above 300 feet to maximize visibility.

Professional Pilots

Join Verijet and help us build and operate the best and safest airline in the world and become the Uber of private point-to-point air travel.

Female pilot in cockpit

Join Our Team

Fly the most advanced light jet on the planet. Fly for a company that honors our pilots.

Monitors in cockpit

A Higher Standard

Verijet pilots fly to the highest standard in aviation.

Three Verijet pilots in front of US flag

Verijet Pilot Development

Transforms 500 hr commercial pilots into 1500 hour ATP Jet Captains.

Our Top Priority: Your Safety & Health

Fly with a dramatic reduction in COVID exposure versus commercial airlines and per-seat charters.

Verijet is a private charter air transportation company certified by the FAA under 14CFR 135 requirements and complies with all federal regulations and CDC guidelines. Please use the following links for the most current information and requirements on COVID-19 from the CDC AND FAA.

CDC: COVID-19 Updates   •   CDC: Travel Face Mask Requirements   •   CDC: Laws & Regulations   •   FAA: COVID Guidance & Resources

UV-C disinfection light

UV-C Disinfection

Each cabin is sterilized with UV-C between flights for your protection.

Reduced Exposure

Don’t fly with strangers. With Verijet, the entire aircraft is dedicated to you. 

CDC & Federal Compliance

We ask that passengers wear masks as recommended by the FAA & CDC.